(See the Economics @Intelligence Database)


The ECONOMICS @INTELLIGENCE project pursues a twofold goal: (i) the creation of an easy-to-access economic database, both for viewing and downloading data; and (ii) the data exploitation using computational techniques in the field of Artificial Intelligence (@I).

The data that would be integrated initially include a considerable number of official variables that are already published in the National Institute of Statistics (INE) of Spain -however with a not so friendly access and visualization.

Specifically, it is pursued:

I. To collect the maximum number of possible data going backwards in each time series.

II. To offer the highest level of quality in the visualization of them.

III. To give access to the direct download in a more friendly and simple way.

IV. To exploit the data using @I computational techniques in order to search for patterns, robust statistical relationships and predictions using the entire available data set.

Main Goals

The main objective of the ECONOMICS @INTELLIGENCE project is summarized in:

  • To create and exploit – through computer and @I techniques – an official Economic Data Base – at a regional level in Spain, firstly – in order to facilitate access, visualization, exploitation and discovery of new patterns of economic and social behavior.

The secondary objectives of the project, either simultaneous or subsequent to the achievement of the main objective, can be summarized as follows:

  • To develop a friendly and appropriate graphic design for each type of variable using the most advanced programming techniques.
  • To elaborate the simple protocol followed for obtaining each variable from its original official source, with the objective that anyone can replicate the work and be able to both update the data and detect possible errors with ease.
  • To exploit these economic data with the most advanced computational techniques, artificial intelligence or other type for various purposes and areas of knowledge -for example, economy, business plans, public policies, statistics, programming, graphic design and data visualization, etc. .
  • To contribute to the best, most accurate and accessible information for interested people, especially through the dissemination and use of this new database at the service of the mass media.

These secondary objectives are defined in a flexible way, which allow them to be extended and easily adapted to include any other detail that may arise.

Research Team

Fran Moraleda, Elisa Mateos, Álvaro Revuelta, Arminda Moreno, Antonio Jiménez, Alfonso Mateos and Raúl G. Sanchis (Lead Researcher)