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Economics and Business at the UPM School of Computer Engineering is a growing teaching and research unit which belongs to the UPM Department of Organization Engineering, Business Administration and Statistics -the largest Department in the Technical University of Madrid according to number of students.

In this website you can discover more about our teaching, research, events and further activities.


  • Dr Sergio Ríos has joined the Department in September 2019 as an Assistant Professor in Strategy. Further details on his profile: Sergio Ríos
  • Our Prof. Ziba Habibi has been awarded with the «Ph. D. Extraordinary Award to the best Doctoral Dissertation in Economics at the Universidad de Valladolid» («Premio Extraordinario de Doctorado a la mejor tesis 2018 en Economía, Universidad de Valladolid)». Further info: click here.
  • Dr Daniel Ferrández Vega has joined the Department in March 2019 as an Assistant Professor in Production and Operations Managment. Further details on his profile: Daniel Ferrández Vega.
  • Dr. Ziba Habibi has joined the Department in March 2019 as an Assistant Professor in Finance. Further details on her profile: Ziba Habibi Lashkari.
  • Laura Esteban, María Lindo, Jimena de Miguel and Paula Pérez, students in the Double Degree in Business and Computer Engineering, have participated, published and presented a report on the situation of women in Spain and the UK, jointly with Prof. Raúl G. Sanchis. This event responds to the query from the British Spanish Foundation (FHB) to Prof. Raúl G. Sanchis for the 2019 Women’s Day. More info in the FHB official website.