Full-time Professors

  • Javier Azpiazu (Associate Professor in Marketing)
  • Pilar Quevedo (Associate Professor in Business, Secretary of the UPM School of Computer Engineering,)
  • Raúl G. Sanchis (Associate Professor in Economics, Head of Economics and Business Unit of the DIOAEE Department at the UPM School of Computer Engineering)
  • Ziba Habibi Lashkari (Assistant Professor in Finance)
  • Sergio Ríos Aguilar (Associate Professor in Innovation and Business, Assistant to the Directorate of the UPM School of Computer Engineering for Strategic Communication)
  • Alberto Tejero López (Assistant Professor in Innovation, Deputy Director, OTRI-UPM)
  • Ebru Susur (Assistant Professor in Innovation)
  • Jorge Díaz (Assistant Professor in Business & Finance)

Part-time Lecturers

Administration Support

  • Alicia Andrés Antón